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This is a meal that you don’t want to miss! I love preparing this dish as it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood when I would help my uncle Jacky prepare traditional Cassoulet during the cold winter months. It takes me over 2 days to prepare this meal the way Uncle Jacky showed me. I start by soaking the beans the day before with aromates, onions, and garlic and preparing my own duck’s leg confit. I also add some very specific ingredients included in the traditional Cassoulet recipe including Tarbais beans and the Toulouse sausage.
This hearty, meat-studded dish from my region of southwestern France may be the ultimate one-pot meal. The slow-simmered stew of Tarbais beans, Toulouse pork sausages, pork belly, carrots, duck fat and duck leg confit is finished off with a crisped bread crumb crust atop...hearty, delicious and filling!

Thur 01/16 | Cassoulet